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Chef Nicholas Chew

Chef Nicholas's introduction to the world of culinary arts began at the age of 25. Starting off in Japanese restaurants where he honed the knowledge of 'kaiseki' preparations under the strict guidance of master chefs.


Upon graduating from culinary school in 2007 while still sweating it out at One Hat restaurant, Shoya. Nicholas's past experiences has seen him expanding his repertoire with private catering to famed professional racers at the Formula 1/Motor GP/Flemington Race for 3 years in Melbourne, Australia.


After moving to Hong Kong, Nicholas worked with the late Michel del Burgo at L'Atelierde Joel Robuchon and Two Michelin Star Chef Shane Osborn (of Pied-a-Terre) at St Betty before joining to open and head the cult following progressive French restaurant, Serge et le Phoque. He credits his One Michelin Star achievement and continued success to his mentor and culinary director, Two Michelin Star Chef Christophe Pele of La Bigarradeand Le Clarence, dishing out food that are straight forward, agile, precise and composed.


Nicholas brings with him a varied cuisine culture expertise. He haunts local markets looking for ingredients in much the same way as others seek out works of art. With the influence of both his Eastern background and European experiences, he continues to experiment and explore the best of his cross culture creativity and opportunity. 

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Chef John Yip

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Chef John was born and raised up in Hong Kong, as many considered a food paradise with eateries from around the world. Passionate for cooking since a young age, he started out his culinary journey in a local Chinese restaurant at the age of 20, where he spent 7 years learning all the fundamentals and skills to become a succesfulchef.He then proceed his career by entering into the western culinary world, including some renowned establishments such at St Betty and Serge et le Phoque, where he worked as a Sous Chef. 


His hard work and dedication has helped Serge et Le Phoquegaining its first Michelin Star in just two years. This success has brought him a big step to expand his unique way of visual and taste stimulation on the dishes.Joining the Biboteam as Chef de Cuisine along with Chef Nicholas Chew in 2019, Chef John not only brought his unique way of cooking to Bibobut has also supported in various successful dinner and cocktail events such as Gucci and Burberry.


Today, Chef John continues to create innovative interpretations of Western and Asian cuisine. 


Cocktail Canapes

Guerrilla Lab offers a wide range of Canapes selection for all types of events, from friends gathering to corporate events, we will be happy to assist in arranging a suitable canape selections for your intimate event

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Other Services 

  • Custom Menu Creation

  • Wait Staffs

  • Equiptment Rental

  • Transportation

  • Set-up Ideas

  • Beverage Services

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Contact Us

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Guerrilla Lab is a creative private caterer founded in 2020 by Michelin veterans Chef’s Nicholas Chew and John Yip who have worked together for over 10 years.

Small but strong independent guys surging forward to creating imprompt mobility in food and services. Composing complex and balancing art on a plate. Agile in translating our roots/heritage and combining/fusing that with the vast experiences in an eastern and western context.

Our objective is to deliver an unforgettable journey to clients about the art of our food and services.

“The bond-like Guerrillas”

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